When I grew up I wanted to be a fasion designer, a writer, an illustrator for childrens book and a painter.

Why choose right? ;-)



Now I design and paint art bags, wrote my stories and send them to a publisher (fingers crossed) and still paint.


I'm married to my best friend (I know, sounds corny but it is true) and proud to be the mother of Jasmijn, our daughter.


My hometown Scheveningen, born in 1976 near the sea. The sounds of the waves feel like home to me.

Now I live in Alphen aan den Rijn and every seagull here makes me long for the sea.

One day I'll find my way back to the sea.

The Owl

I've named my business 'The Owl said' for two reasons.

It sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale and I love a good fairy tale. And my father collected owls. He passed away and this is one of the ways I keep a connection with him.

Art Classes

As the founder and owner of Klieder&Kwast, a studio where I teach art classes for all ages, I get the chance to share my knowledge. These classes help unlock your hidden talents and offer new thoughts on how to approach your art.