Annemiek (1976) went to Fashion school in Delft and somehow ended up in a non-creative job for 12,5 years. After an encounter with some cows (long story, will blog about it one day) she quit her job for two reasons: To spend more time with her then 4 year old daughter and to see what she could do with her talent for drawing and painting.


After years of working with so many different art materials she ended up with what she thought she was not good at : paint portraits and sew (blog about that too)

Annemiek, living in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, has a daughter Jasmijn (2004) who wants to be a woodworker, which is so cool.


She married Bob in 2011, who was not her type but turned out to be just the right man for her. 


Another key person in her life is her sister Marieke who is married to Daan. They have a gorgeous daughter named Julia. The two sisters send each other postcards every week.


Blessed with Bobs family in America who are very talented and creative (that's one of the reason why her whole social media is in English).